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Who I'm Is

16 March
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I am Matt. If you know me, that is the best way to describe me: "Matt".
If you don't know me, feel free to get to know me by sending an IM or adding me to your Friends list here on Livejournal. But before you do, I gotta warn you on two things:
1) If you add me as a friend, let me know by posting a comment in my journal or something, because I rarely check this user info page to see who wants to be my new buddy. Also, if you add me, chances are I'll add you back. I like most people and am generally a very approachable and friendly guy.
2) My journal is uncensored and minimally polished (I correct my grammar so as not to look like an Auburn student/graduate or something). What you see is who I am, 100% real and unedited. So don't knock my thoughts, feelings, opinions, and me in general and I won't retaliate. However, feel free to post comments or disagree with me. I don't expect everyone to follow the Matt Party line.

And oh yeah, now for actual info....I'm a fourth year student at UGA, I love comedy and sports, and I'm a pretty nice guy and funny as well.