Matt (matt1631sw11) wrote,


I'm back in Georgia for a couple days to box up my old apartment and see my family (and some friends hopefully) for a little bit. Hopefully I'll get lucky and get all the packing and boxing done tomorrow, leaving me with more time to just hang out and enjoy my time here before I fly back down to Tampa to (finally) start working for real (no more licensing classes and getting fingerprinted and fun crap like that).
For a while, this trip was going to be a secret because I figured I'd only have the time and ability (gonna have to steal Kevin's car) to see my family and maybe a friend or two. But then I realized I'd possibly have a little more free time, plus I figure it wouldn't be fair to keep my visit secret from my friends, even if I won't have a chance to see them.
So yeah, I'm here until Sunday morning, so call/text/IM/email me and I'll see what I can swing as far as seeing people.
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