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I scored 4 points on senior day...... the halftime lay up contest. I got third place, could have had second, but my made shot bounced off the other person's ball and I had to chase it down. My brother got second, and I was rooting hard for him, especially because I would have gotten the prize, a one month gym membership. It was a really cool experience, though. With about four minutes to go in the first half, I got to go down to the little "staging area", which was right behind the UGA bench and hang out there for a couple minutes. Then we spent the last 10 seconds behind the goal, in between the Dance Dawgs and the cameramen. After that, it was on to the court....and wow. It's a pretty cool feeling to be standing on the Stegeman court with a ball in your hand during halftime of an actual game. Kinda makes me wish I was 6-8 inches taller and a much better shooter, but oh well. Before the game, Dennis Felton came up into the Dawg Pound and was high-fiving students, and me and my brother got to high-five him. I thought about patting him on the back, but seeing as he's a fan of $1500 (at least) suits, decided against it. All in all, despite losing, it was a pretty fun last home game of my college tenure.
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