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i just want to use the TiVo To Go feature.....can anyone help me???

Alright. I got the TiVo set up. The software is all updated and current. I bought the TiVo branded wireless usb network adapter. I downloaded TiVo To Go. I entered the MAK everywhere it asked me. I enabled transfers on the manage account screen online. I have done just about anything and everything I can think of.....yet whenever I click on "Pick Recordings to Transfer" I get the same message every freaking time..."there was an error while attempting to retrieve data from the selected DVR. access is denied."
Please, please, please, if anyone can tell me what else I have to do just to get this thing to, I dunno, do all of what I paid for, let me know. Right now, I can only figure two options: (1) completely reconfigure my entire home network (which would be a serious pain), or (2) start offering animal sacrifices to the TiVo, up to and including humans, until it is satisfied (which is easier, but not preferred and potentially illegal).

Really, this shouldn't even be a problem, but it is. Other than this new issue (please God Almighty let it be the last), the TiVo is great, I'm happy to have it, and I haven't had to miss an episode of 24 yet because of work or school.
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