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don't buy a TiVo if you don't have a land phone line

It's 2006 and I need a phone line to set up my TiVo???? I'm sorry, but this is the digital age. I should be able to just connect the damned thing to my wireless network and contact the TiVo server and set it up that way. It would be easier, more efficient, more cost-effective, and just straight up make more sense. So as it is now, I have to get phone service, which will take 10 days from now before they finally show up to connect me (don't even get me started on the phone company). I mean, honestly, a TiVo was supposed to make my life a little easier. Instead, it's just turning into a huge headache. And a costly one too, as it's gonna run me about $43 to connect phone service and around $21 a month for continued service.....service I don't even need because in this day and age, it's easier to just run everything through your cell phone, which is what I do. Pretty much the only bright side (though not much of one) is that I'll get the phone connected on the 16th, but have it disconnected probably the end of this month (though I'd imagine, being the phone company, they'll try and penalize me).

I'm just really disappointed in the "brilliant" minds behind TiVo. Something so simple as allowing more than one way to connect to set up your box and they can't even do it. Or if I can, their website and instruction manual sure do a helluva job telling me otherwise.
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